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Package A: Website start-up/setup, helping you setup a professional website from scratch.web setup and design

Connect to the worldSigning up for this package, you will have your own website registered under your name. We help you register a domain name, design your own website, and purchase web-hosting services. This package is well applied for small businesses. For medium and large sized businesses, we offer more comprehensive packages.

How we work?

Step 1: Website setup/start up

We help you choose a name for your website and register that name with a domain registrar. We also help you register a web site with a reliable web-hosting providers. We suggest 1 to 5 web-hosting providers for your selection or you may choose a provider you know.

You might make the payment directly to that provider for domain and web-hosting services or ask us to pay on your behalf. The domain and web-hosting fee varies usually from $5 per month.

Step 2: Web design

2.1 If you already have your web pages somewhere (maybe, on a CD), we put them on the registered website.

2.2 If you do not have web pages, we offer you web designing services. We have top web designers, familiar with web SEO copy-writing. We guarantee a professionally designed and search engine friendly website.

- You provide us all content in text/MS Word format and image files.


- We show you a list of pre-designed website samples.

- You select one amongst them. Most of them are free of charge. However, if the selected template is commercial, the usage fee applies. Please follow this link to see free Joomla templates.

- We customize or re-design it to fit your website in accordance with the terms of use of the template.


- You show us a sample website together with modifications that you would like to make.

- We design a website based on those materials.

Proceeding to this step, your website is ready to operate. Your new website is customized on Joomla! platform. Joomla! is a very popular content management system, allowing for a lot of further applications, such as consumer surveys, forums, galleries and other interactive applications.

Step 3: A week for review and beyond

We help you operate your website in a week in case you need some minor modifications.  After this first week, we provide intermittent supports related to the design of your website. You may utilize our package B or contact us for some instructions on how to update page content and to maintain a backup copy of your website.


For clients that stop after having completed (2.1), we charge $50 for Package A.

For clients that proceed to (2.2), we usually charge up to $299 (depending on actual workload) for a website having less than 15 pages including presentations about your products and services, your contact details and a feedback/order form. If you do not satisfy with our work, we charge you none.

We accept Paypal for international clients. Sign up now or contact us for more details.

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