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Q: Does your business really need a Website?

Maybe "no" . . .

Not every small business needs a Web site. I've heard many small-business owners say they think they "should" get a Web site. They're not quite sure what they will do with it, but they've been told they should have one.

In most cases, they're right. A Web site can be an important marketing tool for almost every small business, but there are a few exceptions.

If you have as many customers as your business can handle and you have no desire to grow larger, then there's no point in marketing on the Web.

Alternately, if you are really certain that potential customers won't use the Internet to find your product or service, then you can safely skip the Web. For most businesses, that assumption is getting tougher to make.

Usually, a big "yes"

If you own a business today your customers expect you to have a web site and email. This expectation almost requires you to have some sort of interactive, dynamic web presence. Even so, one of the questions we hear often is “What are the benefits of having a business web site?” The answer to this depends upon your business and your customers.

There's no question that a Web site is more mission-critical for some businesses than others. Companies trying to reach customers in different locations (think hotels or tourist attractions) or who have products that can be shipped to customers far away (think flowers, handmade dolls, telephones, etc.) obviously need to have an online presence.

But local businesses (dry cleaners or shoe repair shops, for example) also can benefit from a Web site that shows their location, lists their services or offers special promotions.

And woe to those who think they don't need a compelling Web site because they serve other businesses rather than retail consumers. Many businesses search for new suppliers online, then order from them that way, too.

In short, if you want more customers, you should be online, regardless of your industry.

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Q: Why do you choose our services?

First and foremost, we are without a doubt the best service provider, as our rates, together with the fact that we are experienced on the field and communicative with clients.

Here are a few more reasons:

-Save time: for a typical small business, it takes us about 1-3 days to complete a website after you agree to work with us.

-Relieve frustration: we are independent workers. Each of us works and get paid directly from you. All contracts are highly customized according to your business requirements.

-Foster independence: the way we provide our services to you is very much like you have your own IT employee.

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Q: What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of putting your web site on a web server or web host, so everyone connected to the Internet can see it. If you have a permanent connection to the Internet you could host your web site on your own computer, but that is in general not a good idea. A good web host is a real server in a data-center with a fast high bandwidth connection to the Internet. And, to make sure you can move your web site to another web host, if necessary, you need a web hosting provider that supports domain hosting.

Fortunately, hosting your web site with a domain name in a reliable data-center environment is no longer expensive. You can easily find one at a price from $5 per month.

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Q: What is domain hosting?

The use of a domain name for your web site is absolutely necessary for a professional web site. To host your own domain you will need to find a real web hosting provider with domain hosting. The price for an usual domain name (like is about $12 per year.  Many web hosting plans actually include the price of a domain registration.

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