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We are a group of web administrators and marketing professionals. We find that several small and micro businesses have difficulties in promoting their products and services on the Internet. The most common reasons are that the cost of web design and website management is unaffordable. Professional web designers often charge several thousand dollars for designing a website. In addition, the maintenance cost which includes web-hosting services, content update, management and promotion is a huge amount. Particularly, small and micro businesses might not be able to afford to pay a specialised IT on a monthly basis.

Let us deal with those difficulties. We would like to help you make your own websites. Our offers are affordable and tailored for micro and small businesses.

Website setup and design

For organisations without a website, we offer our website setup and design for just $299. You will have:

- A professional website built for you
- IT support
- Content management system (CMS)
- Website traffic reports
- Other negotiable terms

Package A: Website startup/setup/registration and design, helping customers create a their own website from scratch.


Website management and promotion (SEO)

For organisations having a website, and would like to update regularly, manage efficiently and promote to potential customers (Web SEO), we offer

Package B: Website maintenance and promotion (Web SEO) for customers who cannot afford employing an IT professional.

We do not only aim at giving you a well-designed  website, but we also aim at giving you a website that is communicative to your customers. Currently, we have successfully setup and managed websites for several customers.

Apart from the two packages, we are open to your suggestions.

For environment protection businesses and charitable organisations, we offer Package A for free of charge.

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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